How to get from Sukhothai to Chiang Mai

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Transport Time (approx. hrs) Cost (approx. local) Cost (approx. USD)
Bus 5-6 hours 220-300 THB $7.15-9.60 USD
Train 7-9 hours Approx. 350-900 THB $11.35-29.00 USD

Sukhothai to Chiang Mai by Bus

Time: 5-6 hours       Cost: 220-300 THB;   $7.15-9.60 USD

The bus station in Sukhothai is located 3.5 km from Phra Ruang Bridge, the center for travelers, which can be accessed with a quick tuk-tuk ride. You will arrive in Chiang Mai’s Arcade Bus Station (for longer distance buses) Address: Th Kaew Nawarat. Station is NE of town. You may book tickets at the station, travel agencies, and possibly your hotel. Booking at the station is the cheapest option, but paying a premium at a travel agency or your hotel can save time and worry, often providing travel from your hotel to the station. It is wise to reserve your seat for travel on weekends and during festivals at least one day in advance.

Sukhothai to Chiang Mai by Train

Time: 7-9 hours       Cost: Approx. 350-900 THB;   $11.35-29.00 USD

There is no direct train from Sukhothai to Chiang Mai. The nearest stop from Sukhothai is the city of Phitsanulok, one hour to the east. From Sukhothai travelers can take a quick and cheap bus ride to Phitsanulok, which departs every 30 minutes. Price quoted is the fare from Phitsanulok to Chiang Mai. There are several ways to travel by train in Thailand. 1st Class Sleeper, 2nd Class Sleeper, 2nd class seat, etc depending on budget and comfort. You may book your ticket at the station at least 1 hour before departure. Recommended to book early if traveling on or around weekends. Tickets may also be purchased at travel agencies or hotels for a premium. Please check the State Railway of Thailands government site for the most up to date on timetables and fares.

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