How to get from Santiago to Iquique

Transport Time (approx. hrs) Cost (approx. local) Cost (approx. USD)
Bus 25 hours 31,000-35,000 CLP 65-73 USD
Plane 2.5 hours 78,000-140,000 CLP 160-290 USD

Santiago to Iquique by Bus

Time: 25 hours       Cost: 31,000-35,000 CLP;   65-73 USD

Buses leave from the main terminal at metro stop Universidad de Santiago on line 1. The price listed is for a semi-cama. A salon cama (full sleeper) will cost about 10,000 CHP more, but may be worth it for such a long trip. There are many companies running frequent services between the two cities.

Santiago to Iquique by Plane

Time: 2.5 hours       Cost: 78,000-140,000 CLP;   160-290 USD

LAN has about seven flights per day. Sky Air also runs flights. Iquique’s airport, Aeropuerto Diego Aracena (410-787) is 41 km south of downtown.

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