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About Arica

Nestled just 20 km from the Peruvian border, Arrica is Chile’s northernmost city. The city sits at the foot of Morro de Arrica, a steep hill 139 meters above sea level. Also close to the city is the Azapa Valley, where farmers grow vegetables and Azapa olives.

You’ll find the year round warm weather, the lovely seascapes, and the perfect surfing breaks, gives this port city the feel of a beach resort. The city boasts over 20 km of beaches ideal for spending the day enjoying the tropical climate. Check out the amazing sunset at Chinchorro beach. Visit the geological wonder of the Laucho, or serene beauty of The Lisera. The caves at The Chapel beach are complete with pictographs, rock art, and drawings of Arican culture. The seasoned surfers head south of El Morro to catch their waves.

If the beach isn’t your thing, check out the beautiful architecture of the Catedral de San Marcos, designed by Gustave Eifel of the Eifel Tower in Paris, or the Plaza Colon in downtown Arica. You’ll also love the “founding square” at the city center. The museum enthusiast will enjoy the Archaeological and Anthropological Museum of San Miguel de Azapa. For something to do at night, pay a visit to the Casino de Arica.

Arica has two main bus terminals, so arriving from elsewhere in Chile or north from Peru is easy. Just be sure to keep an eye on your luggage and your wallets, as the bus terminals are a well-known hangout for pickpockets.

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