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About Sao Paulo

At first glance, the largest city in the Americas may seem too daunting to undertake, but look closer and you will find that Sao Paulo has plenty of pockets of beauty and culture for the traveler. It is primarily a city for working people and is not geared toward tourism the same way Florianopolis or Rio is. You will, however, find that the city is very cosmopolitan and full of multilingual people who can help you orient yourself and discover interesting things to do and see.

There is always some sort of major event taking place in Sao Paulo, whether it be the elaborate extravaganza of Carnival, the country’s greatest Gay Pride festival, the March for Jesus or the International Film Festival. If you get there when there isn’t a major soccer tournament or grand prix occurring, there are still numerous places to visit whether you want to take an architectural tour or just take in the overwhelming view of the city from the observation deck of the Banespa tower. Be sure to reserve a night for going out on the town–there are clubs, bars, and restaurants to suit every thirst, quirk, or musical proclivity.

You can fly out of Sao Paulo from Guarulhos International Airport or Viracopos International, or from the domestic airport, Congonhas. Long distance buses leave for many locations all over Brazil, as well as Argentina and Chile from the Terminal Tietê bus station.

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