How to get to from Buenos Aires to Puerto Madryn

Transport Time (approx. hrs) Cost (approx. local) Cost (approx. USD)
Bus 20 hours 250 ARS 60 USD
Plane 2 hours 830-1120 ARS 200-270 USD

Buenos Aires to Puerto Madryn by Bus

Time: 20 hours       Cost: 250 ARS;   60 USD

Bus service leaves out of Retiro bus station. Retiro bus station is very large and features shops, restaurants and other facilities. The station is northeast from the center of the city. You need to take transportation to get there.

Buenos Aires to Puerto Madryn by Plane

Time: 2 hours       Cost: 830-1120 ARS;   200-270 USD

Buenos Aires has 2 airports that service many flights. These are prices from Argentine Airlines. To get to the airport there are budget bus options, as well as taxis available. There is no airport to Puerto Madryn. Flights come to Trelew 65 km south of Puerto Madryn. Shuttles are available for AR$25.

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